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October 30, 2018

A lecture on music in communication during CANnual Conference 2018 in Warsaw

Stanisław Trzciński, CEO of STX Music:Solutions™, has been the speaker at this year's CANnual Conference, devoted to the annual analysis of the communication landscape of the CEE region. He will talk about the changing role of music in communication in the modern world (including - what research to order and why). He will also discuss the subject of changing European copyright law on the digital market.

The conference, whose partner is our agency, will be held on November 8, 2018 in Warsaw. This year's theme of the conference is "Blurring Communications Boundaries".

Speakers will present local and regional challenges of the ever-changing communication environment. The first session will reveal the findings of the latest edition of weCAN’s annual publication, the CANnual Report 2018. It will be followed by presentations by experts from the media side (Facebook), the academic field (Warsaw and Koźmiński University), an industry organization (Polish Supply Management Leaders (PSML), a music branding and consulting company (STX Music:Solutions™), and the client side (Revolut, Vision Express).

Speakers of the CANnual Conference are advertising professionals from Central and Eastern Europe. At the conference, they will present the current challenges and developments of the communication field in the region and help us interpret the trends of the local advertising markets. Come to the conference, meet our speakers and ask your questions to those who know the advertising markets and consumers of the neighboring countries the most thoroughly.

A unique conference dedicated to the CEE region’s annual communication landscape analysis, carried out by weCAN. Every year, members of weCAN, the largest independent agency network of Central and Eastern Europe gather together with other marketing experts from the region to share the facts, features and trends of the advertising and media industry of the entire region. Starting from 2016, the interested members of the professional audience have been given the opportunity to get a glimpse into the everyday life of the Central-Eastern European advertising market at the CANnual Conference.

What challenges can any global brand development bring about for CEE marketing professionals? How do consumption and production unite in a single person, and how do these “prosumers” put marketing to the test in this region? How does the Head of Facebook in Poland interpret prime-time? And what can an everyday marketing professional, a brand manager or an agency strategist learn and use from all this?

Register for the CANnual Conference, gain an insight into the CEE advertising market and take some useful ideas home with you. During the event, we are going to present the new edition of the CANnual Report, containing the most comprehensive and latest data as well as analyses of the region's advertising market. This year, the central topic of the publication is the way TV and online videos coexist in the region.

Who should participate?
    •    Practicing marketing professionals who are interested in the advertising market of the region and would like to gather information, useful ideas and inspiration for their everyday work.
    •    Anybody who is curious about the challenges of new technologies, the newest challenges of the ever-changing communicational environment and would like to know how to adapt to these changes.

Attention! The language of the CANnual Conference is English.


Location: Warsaw, Ms. Mermaid - Conference Center

This year’s conference is going to take place in Warsaw. With its UNESCO World Heritage Old Town, this city offers a unique blend of present and past. After being destroyed and brought back to life, Warsaw is full of contrasts and hidden surprises.
The Ms. Mermaid Conference Center is located on the bank of Vistula with a panoramic view of the river, the Poniatowski Bridge and the National Stadium of Warsaw. The building was designed by APAKA Kuryłowicz architect studio, and is a combination of modern and elegant spaces with symbols referring to the water and the waves of the nearby river - ul. Wioślarska 8, 
00-411 Warszawa


More details

Program of the conference: http://cannualconference.wecan.net/#/programme

Conference speakers: http://cannualconference.wecan.net/#/speakers

Registration for the conference: http://cannualconference.wecan.net/#/registration


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