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Trackvertising is one of the essential tools for music content marketing. It means collaboration between artists and brands, in particular Trackvisiting stands for placement in the lyrics and videos the names and logotypes of products, services or brands. It happens that the name of the product becomes the motif of the music piece or video. This is the way the large world brands advertise themselves in today marketing world. The brands accompanying the artist in the video have become commonly accepted at the level of identification of the star with the product.

This is native advertising, matched with the content. Selecting particular artists for their need the brand can match its brands and products to the audience of the artist, expecting warm feelings of their fans.

In the case of product placement the product or brand happens by accident. But such classic product placement is received by the audience as unethical. In the case of track versing as the main tool of content marketing the information on cooperation is officially communicated – usually in the description, title, or video. This shows the brand as an artistic backer and partner which is to influence the positive reception of the brand image.

It’s an attempt on gaining favour and sympathy of consumers who are fed up with classic adverts and promotions. They want to see that their brands support art projects and their favourite stars as partners.

Noted examples of trackvisiting in Poland and in the world:

* Ten Typ Mes – EB („Tymczasem – Poczuć się dobrze”).
* Mata - Mc Donalds
* O.S.T.R. – Hennessy („Never stop. Never settle – O.S.T.R. autentycznie”)
* Sokół i Bogusław Linda – Johnnie Walker („Rób to, w co wierzysz”)
* Dawid Podsiadło i Sokół – Johnnie Walker („Świadomy sen”)
* Dawid Podsiadło - BNP Paribas
* Ewelina Lisowska - Media Expert
* Kanye West, Eminem, Xzibit, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang Clan, 50Cent,
* Onyx – Hennessy
* Shakira – Danon / Activia / World Food Programme  („La la la”)
* American Apparel (bielizna) - 5 Second of Summer
* Beats – Dr. Dre, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj („The Game Before The Game”)
* Beyonce – H&M od 2013 roku („Standing on the Sun”)
* Doda – Big Star („Rany”)
* Emeli Sande – Jaguar
* Dilmah – „W rytmie natury

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