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From the beginning of operations in the Polish market we’ve been specialising in international artist bookings. In this business we are the most experienced and versatile and, a key thing – competitive. We invite you to study our past experiences.

We offer booking of the greatest stars of pop, rock, soul, R’n’B, hip hop, jazz, long, chill-out, electronic, disco, Latin, urban, country, folk, heavy metal, instrumental music, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and from the world of classical music.

The rules on booking international artists call for ‘a submission of an official financial offer’ to the artist or the artist’s agent. There is no star pricelist. Promoters submit the so-called offers for a given date and city.

In the event of the decision of a positive artist's agent - it is a binding commitment on our part. If the offer is accepted and agreed upon we are bound – as an Agency – to sign the contract and deliver the event. This procedure cancels the need to pre-arrange formally with the party when placing the order before submitting the binding offer. The agreement with the Client gives our Agency permission to submit to the artist, or the artist’s agent, an official financial commitment for a sum agreed with them.

To book the date and to sign a contract with the selected star, we need the formal and financially binding booking order from the Client.

We also recommend an article about booking foreign artists written by the president of the board of our agency in Event Manager News in 2018 > https://eventmanagernews.pl/sprowadzic-artyste-zagranicznego-twoj-event/

In addition, we offer booking in the following areas:

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