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September 14, 2023

The book "Infected with Sound" by Stanisław Trzciński has been published

On September 13, 2023, an important event for the entire music market community took place at the Fakticzny Dom Kultury in Warsaw - the premiere of the book by Stanisław Trzciński "Infected with Sound. The Music Market in the Times of Artificial Intelligence".

From this multidisciplinary book, readers will learn, among others: how algorithms work, how playlists are created on streaming services, which are the modern music distribution, and how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the music market and how it will influence its development in the future.

This is what the author himself says about the publication: "I wrote the book mainly for music enthusiasts who are very interested in what the contemporary music market looks like. But I think it will be very useful for all people who connect their future with the music market: for artists, for authors, for record label employees, and for people who are involved in organizing concerts or music festivals. Also for people dealing with marketing communication. I hope it will also be interesting for people who simply love music.”

The author's evening took place in a very nice atmosphere. The guests had the opportunity to listen to an interesting conversation with the author, led by Łukasz Kamiński, a journalist of Gazeta Wyborcza. At the end, the host gave the initiative to the large audience who eagerly asked questions to the author of this long-awaited publication.

The evening ended with a banquet at the Wrzenie Świat bookstore. That evening, there were representatives of opinion-forming media, journalists, people professionally associated with the music market, including a large group of creators and artists for whom this premiere was an opportunity to meet with friends from the industry. They appeared, among others: Urszula Dudziak, Sidney Polak, Natalia Niemen, Reni Jusis, Wienio, Marcin Wasilewski and Maria Holka.

Source > Brawurowa premiera „Zarażonych Dźwiękiem” (PWN) / Bravura premiere of "Infected with Sound" (PWN)

Premiere of the book "Infected with Sound" (C) 2023 Photo. Gabriel Gmurczyk / Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN

The book comprehensively describes the principles of operation of the modern music market in the era of artificial intelligence. The publication contains the author's latest, large-scale research on Polish music consumers and interviews with the most important people in the Polish music industry, as well as reflections on culture and emotions in music.

The author, who is a cultural expert and economist, also draws on knowledge in the field of sociology, anthropology, musicology and psychology. On the one hand, he writes about the functions of emotions and the brain, and on the other, he delves into issues related to the use of music in marketing communication. The author is particularly interested in music marketing in advertising and public space.

The book describes the principles of operation of algorithms and music playlists created on streaming services such as Spotify, as well as on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. The reader will also find futurological considerations in the field of visual listening to music and the use of VR or AI. The chapter that presents the music listener through research results from the 19th century to today will be interesting for readers.

The publication is a response to the needs of the contemporary global music market. The author presents data on markets in the USA, Asia and Europe, with particular emphasis on Poland. An important element in the book is to show the music sector as an important component of the creative economy. The reader will learn many details about the components, structure and principles of functioning of the modern music industry in the phonographic, publishing and concert markets. The author also describes the most important legal aspects regarding music licensing and the dynamically changing labor market for artists.

The publication is a must-read for students of humanities and economics, but also for music enthusiasts, creators, artists, debutants, managers and music industry employees. The publication will also be of interest to scientists, researchers, journalists, entrepreneurs and specialists in the advertising, marketing and trade markets.

Review excerpts


It is the most extensive and comprehensive publication devoted to the Polish music market and the models of music reception in Poland. It takes a lot of courage to focus analytical effort on phenomena such as the use of artificial intelligence in music. Trzciński took this risk.

dr hab. Miroslaw Pęczak, prof. University of Warsaw


A good, reliable and professional settlement with the past to reach what will be...

Kayah, singer and author


Don't be afraid of the weight of this book. It reads well, lightly and quickly, almost like a newspaper article. You don't have to be a scientist or a musician to understand this book.

Wojtek Sokół, rapper and music publisher


This is unique knowledge - years of experience, research, behind-the-scenes conversations and a bold, substantive look into the future!

Jan Borysewicz, musician and author


The author shows us not only the current state of the music market in Poland, but also gives us an idea of the changes that are just beginning.

dr hab. Patryk Gałuszka, prof. University of Lodz


Moreover, Trzciński perfectly selected the cover (and visionary) graphics of Jan Lenica, previously accompanying the theatrical "Wozzeck" and "Mała Apocalypse" by Konwicki. Here we are also dealing with a kind of apocalypse. 

Bartek Chaciński, Polityka weekly

Premiere of the book "Infected with Sound" (C) 2023 Photo. Gabriel Gmurczyk / Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN

Premiere of the book "Infected with Sound" (C) 2023 Photo. Gabriel Gmurczyk / Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN

Infected with Sound. The Music Market in the Times of Artificial Intelligence

Author: Stanisław Trzciński
Cover price: PLN 179

Number of pages: 944


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