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January 30, 2020

Power Speech about music? Since 2020, we have proposed four new topics for Stanisław Trzciński's speeches!

We are pleased to inform you that since 2020 we have been proposing four new topics of speeches by Stanisław Trzciński, cultural expert and president of the board of STX Music Solutions. All interested in the implementation of such an order, please contact our agency to agree on the date and financial conditions.

Power speech is motivational speech or a lecture. This type of training was popularized in the United States and Western Europe. Usually it is an unconventional occurrence.

In the case of the creator and head of the STX Music Solutions agency, who has had extensive practical experience on the Polish and European music market for over a quarter of a century (long-time artists and repertoire director of Universal Music Polska, organizer of hundreds of concerts, shows, music galas and festivals), his Power Speech gives a huge dose of motivation, practical tips and interesting knowledge.

Speeches by Stanisław Trzciński, who has been an interlocutor, expert and guest of many TV stations in Poland for many years, and lectures at the SWPS University (where he is a PhD candidate) and Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, also has 8 years of experience in running a two-hour weekly broadcast on Radio PiN, or actively participates in numerous conferences, fairs, trainings and symposia as a valued host and leading panel discussion - are recommended for employees, human teams, managers and managers, as well as for other specialists, including individual clients from the world of business, marketing, sales, culture and sport.

Inspiration, a lighter atmosphere of the speech, theoretical knowledge mixed with anecdotes and the speaker's humor, as well as his transfer of invaluable practical knowledge, including behind-the-scenes, cause the unusual effect of a genuine desire to search for new solutions and creative ideas. The application of acquired knowledge in practice may take place immediately after the occurrence.

Four new topics of speeches by Stanisław Trzciński (it is possible to modify and combine issues):

1. Passion and diligence - an idea for yourself based on the example of the world of music. Why do we love music, how it has influenced people for thousands of years, who has been successful in the music market - from the nineteenth century to the modern digital world.

A story about the history of music over hundreds and thousands of years, showing the mechanisms of evoking emotions through music - elements of neuroscience, showing the impact of music education and making music together on the development of an individual, instilling the concepts of arduous exercise (training) and striving for success in show business on the ground of business and bands people, the role of a planned and consistently implemented strategy as part of daily activities in the service of unusual successes, and finally ways to find your passion, as well as to enjoy work satisfaction and to deal with stress.

2. Road to the top in the world of music - motivating for teamwork. Motivating for daily exercises. Strategies of great musicians and conductors of the world's best orchestras in business.

Examples of those who have been successful, motivating employees through practices used in various music bands and orchestras, as well as in the implementation of the largest music events in Poland and in the world, effectively building outstanding bands, improving the performance of the band, how would you be an effective leader / conductor not only in a symphony orchestra.

3. The technological revolution on the example of the world of culture - cultural perspective of changes taking place in the digital world - myths and reality.

A large dose of information about technological innovations, the impact of this technology on our lives, forecasts for the future, a changing perception of the world, including culture and music, in the life of modern man, trends and changes in EU and US legislation, and finally the threats arising from the world of new technologies and how to counteract them - all given in an accessible way.

Photo by Karpati & Zarewicz

Photo by Karpati & Zarewicz

4. On the wings of passion - an unusual approach to building strong brands on the example of an alliance of brands from the world of culture and the Polish wine trade market.

Analysis of the reasons for cooperation, as well as methods and tools for consistently building the brand image based on the Artistic Center Fabryka Trzciny and the Carlo Rossi wine brand in Poland, the real story of the undisputed success of two different brands (mass and premium), based on visionary idea, music marketing, work in team, joint and consistent cooperation for many years, as well as on the joint pursuit of the goal of entities and people who would seem to be mismatched.


Participation of an additional music star

An additional option is the participation of a music star, or organizing a discussion led by Stanisław Trzciński with the additional participation of such - or such - characters, for example:

> renowned artists, creators, musicians, stars of the Polish Showbiz, as well as other representatives of Polish culture (film, theater, writers etc.), national show business, music commentators or journalists, record publishers, concert promoters or managers of famous artists.

From the left: Stanisław Trzciński & Organek & Urszula Dudziak. Photo by Sportografia.pl/STX Jamboree (Fryderyk Awards Gala 2017)

ST_cz-b_pion_fot. Andrzej Zgiet

Photo by Andrzej Zgiet


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